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Charles Gibson - Financial Report Analysis 11e Ebook

Chapter 1 Introduction to Financial Reporting
Chapter 2 Introduction to Financial Reporting Topics
Chapter 3 Balance Sheet
Chapter 4 Income Statement
Chapter 5 Basics of Analysis
Chapter 6 Liquidity of Short Term Assets; Related Debt-Paying Ability
Chapter 7 Long term Debt-Paying Ability
Chapter 8 Profitability
Chapter 9 For the Investor
Chapter 10 Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter 11 Expanded Analysis
Chapter 12 Special Industries: Banks, Utilities, Oild and Gas, Transportation, Insurance, Real Estate Companies
Chapter 13 Personal Financial Statements and Accounting for Governments and Not for Profit Organizations

If you need the Ebook, I have it. Sent me email and I will give you the link....

Friday, March 16, 2012

Galaxy Ace, Hope It Will Get ICS

After searching any news if Samsung Galaxy Ace will get ICS, finally I realize that my little Ace will not get it. Sadly, because I hope my ace will get it. There so much reason why Galaxy Ace is not getting ICS, mostly is because hardware requirement. Well, let me write that:
1. Not enough RAM. If I look the RAM of my little Ace, it sometimes like a 10 years old boy forced to lift up goods weight 15 kilograms while the boy can only bring goods weight 3 kilograms
2. No NFC and no front camera to face unlock. Well, I do not need face unlock because I still have my finger to slide to unlock.
If I want my Ace appereance to be like Ice Cream Sandwhich, many developers have already made custom ROM. But it is just a theme and it is to risky for me to root and port the ROM.

Is it a marketing strategy to force people to buy newest phone? It's funny if I have to change phone for every new phone released. At least I hope Samsung will release the officially ICS even without face unlock or NFC just for mid-low smartphone or I will never buy any Samsung smart phone and start to look for Sony or LG.

People Who Has a Heart Like An Angel

Bai Fang Li_1
I think I have though so many things about what would I be in the future. When I graduated from my university, I only care about job and getting so much money so I can buy everything I want and I can help  people with my money. Well, we all know that money is a great power to control everything. Is it really everything? Well, but in some conditions, money rules. But when I read about this old man story, I feel so sad and sometimes feel that my life gives no value to others.

This is a true story about a pedicab driver. I give this article a title, People Who Has a Heart Like an Angel. This old man name is Bai Fang Li, a pedicab driver. But even he is only a pedicab driver, he lives his life with passion, go around, day and night to find people who need a pedicab service. This old man never get any food from his job as pedicab driver. He get his food by become a beggar.

Bai Fang Li_2
Maybe you are a confuse, why this old man never get any food from his job as a pedicab driver. He give every money he gets as a pedicab driver to orphanage with 300 kids. He started to give his money when he is 74 years old. He suddenly see a six years old kid which get money by giving help every old women to bring the goods which have just been bought. But Bai Fang Li is little confused when he see the six years old kid taking any food from the garbage to be eaten by him even though he can buy some food with the money that he just got. He asking the kid why, and the answer is the kid use the money to feed his two little brother, three and four years old in the small hut where they live. They live as a beggar and they don't know where their parents is. Bai Fang Li then get a chance to visit them in their small hut then bring all of them to orphanage where thousands kids taken care. That moment really change his life. He follows the way that the kid lives, he give all of his money that he get as a pedicab driver to the orphanage. From the year 1986 untul 2001 when he reach 91 years old and never ask where the orphanage give his money and what it is used for. When he is 91 years old, he come to the orphanage just to give the last CNY500 and say that he cannot give money anymore because he is too old. With the last CNY500, he has supported the orphanage by giving money totally CNY350.000. In 2005, Bai Fang Li died because lung cancer.

Thank you Bai Fang Li, hope your passion influence us to do the same. The Spirit of Giving to Others.

Analysis Financial Statement 10e - Subramanyam

Well, Analysis Financial Statement 10e by Subramanyam has been released. I haven't post to this blog for a long time I guess. But, just to help you to learn the material of this book, I have uploaded the powerpoint. Hope these slides help you much. Ch01 Overview of Financial Statement Analysis
Ch02 Financial Reporting and Analysis
Ch03 Analyzing Financial Activites
Ch04 Analyzing Investing Activities
Ch05 Analyzing Investing Activities - Intercorporate Investments
Ch06 Analyzing Operating Activities
Ch07 Cash Flow Analysis
Ch08 Return on Invested Capital and Profitability Analysis
Ch09 Prospective Analysis
Ch10 Credit Analysis

Ch11 Equity Analysis and Valuation Ooo...leave comment please because you are kind visitors ^^.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Advance Accounting 11e - Beams

Advanced Accounting 11e by Floyd A Beams. Chapter list:
Ch1 : Business Combination
Ch2 : Stock Investments — Investor Accounting and Reporting
Ch3 : An Introduction to Consolidated Financial Statements
Ch4 : Consolidation Techniques and Procedures
Ch5 : Intercompany Profi t Transactions — Inventories
Ch6 : Intercompany Profi t Transactions — Plant Assets
Ch7 : Intercompany Profi t Transactions — Bonds
Ch8 : Consolidations—Changes in Ownership Interests
Ch9 : Indirect and Mutual Holdings
Ch10 : Subsidiary Preferred Stock, Consolidated Earnings per Share, and Consolidated Income Taxation
Ch11 : Consolidation Theories, Push-Down Accounting, and Corporate Joint Ventures
Ch12 : Derivatives and Foreign Currency: Concepts and Common Transactions
Ch13 : Accounting for Derivatives and Hedging Activities
Ch14 : Foreign Currency Financial Statements
Ch15 : Segment and Interim Financial Reporting
Ch16 : Partnerships—Formation, Operations, and Changes in Ownership Interests
Ch17 : Partnership Liquidation
Ch18 : Corporate Liquidations and Reorganizations
Ch19 : An Introduction to Accounting for State and Local Governmental Units
Ch20 : Accounting for State and Local Governmental Units — Governmental Funds
Ch21 : Accounting for State and Local Governmental Units — Proprietary and Fiduciary Funds
Ch22 : Accounting for Not-for-Profit Organizations
Ch23 : Estates and Trusts
I hope this is the book you're looking for. Click to get the file.

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Cost Management 6e Hansen Mowen

Cost Accounting 6e - Hansen Mowen
Hansen Mowen - Cost Management/ Cost Accounting 6e. Chapter list:

PART 1 Foundation Concepts 1
CHAPTER 1 Introduction to Cost Management
CHAPTER 2 Basic Cost Management Concepts
CHAPTER 3 Cost Behavior
CHAPTER 4 Activity-Based Costing

PART 2 Fundamental Costing and Control
CHAPTER 5 Product and Service Costing: Job-Order System
CHAPTER 6 Product and Service Costing: A Process Systems Approach
CHAPTER 7 Allocating Costs of Support Departments and Joint Products
CHAPTER 8 Budgeting for Planning and Control
CHAPTER 9 Standard Costing: A Functional-Based Control Approach
CHAPTER 10 Decentralization: Responsibility Accounting, Performance Evaluation, and Transfer Pricing

PART 3 Advanced Costing and Control
CHAPTER 11 Strategic Cost Management
CHAPTER 12 Activity-Based Management
CHAPTER 13 The Balanced Scorecard: Strategic-Based Control
CHAPTER 14 Quality and Environmental Cost Management
CHAPTER 15 Productivity Measurement and Control
CHAPTER 16 Lean Accounting

PART 4 Decision Making
CHAPTER 17 Cost-Volume-Profi t Analysis
CHAPTER 18 Activity Resource Usage Model and Tactical Decision Making
CHAPTER 19 Pricing and Profi tability Analysis
CHAPTER 20 Capital Investment
CHAPTER 21 Inventory Management: Economic Order Quantity, JIT, and the Theory of Constraints
Click to get the file.

Cost Accounting 5e - Hansen Mowen
Cost Management 5e Slides by Hansen Mowen. Hope it will help in your study ch01 Introduction to Cost Management
ch02 Basic Cost Management
ch03 Cost Behavior
ch04 Activity Based Costing
ch05 Product and Service Costing Job Order System
ch06 Product and Service Costing A Process Systems Apporach
ch07 Allocating Cost of Support Departments and Joint Product
ch08 Budgeting for Planning and Control
ch09 Standard Costing A Functional Based Control Approach
ch10 Decentralization Responsibility Accounting, Performance

ch11 Standard Costing A Functional Based Control Approach
ch12 Activity Based Management
ch13 The Balanced Scorecard Strategic Based Control
ch14 Quality and Environmental Cost Management
ch15 Productivity Measure and Control
ch16 Lean Accounting
ch17 Cost Volume Profit and Analysis
ch18 Activity Resource Usage Model and Tactical Decision Making
ch19 Pricing and Profitability Analysis
ch20 Capital Investment
ch21 Inventory Management Economic Order Quantity, JIT

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